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Name:B-D test pack
Type: 100pcs/carton, Carton Size: 42cm x 27cm x 21.5cm
Properties: 1) Point out the presence of air leaks in the autoclave immediately and accurately
2) Nontoxic ink and completely recycled materials
3) EN 867-4 certificate
4) Shelf time: 18 months sealed at room temperature
5) To be packed into pack as per standard / instructions
6) Fulfill requirements of EN 285
7) Conform to ISO 11140 – 1 class 2
8) Dimension: DIN A4 size
9)  Clear blue – black color change
10)  Easy to interpret
11)  Easy to document
12)  Non-Toxic / Lead Free
  • Description
  • Precautions
Specifications of B-D Type Test Pack: 
It consists of a series of steam penetration (air removal) barriers in the center of which is a chemical indicator sheet. The indicator sheet may be stored as a permanent record of the test. 
Used for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterilizer. Based upon the Bowie Dick test result the steam sterilizer is released for usage during the day. 

The Bowie Dick test detect failures like air leaks, insufficient vacuum, inadequate steam penetration.

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