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Name:Sterilization indicator card
Type: 16*100mm
Properties: 1. Obvious color change when exposed to plasma, EO or autoclave sterilization processes
Steam:initial blue turns black(  134°C 3.5 mins or 121.C 15 mins )
EO:initial red turns brow
Plasma:initial blue truns yellow
2. Indicator color does not fade when it is exposed to light
3. No residue is left and safe
4. Approved certificates
  • Description
  • Precautions
Internal pack monitor for use in steam, EO and plasma sterilization processe. 
1. Before process monitoring, strips should be placed in an area of the package that is determined to be the least accessible to sterilant contact. 

2. When the color reaches to the standard color or deeper, it indicates that the strip has the    qualifications for sterilizing. If not, it is not qualified.  

size and packing


 Sterilization   Chemical Indicator  Strips
Size Piece/Box Box/Carton carton size NG(kg) GW(kg) Box size
W(mm)*L(mm) L*W*H(cm) L*W*H(mm)
15*95 200 100 43*30*30 8.9 9.7 100*85*17


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