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Name:Sterilization Indicator Tape
Type: 12mm*50m,189roll/ctn, 19mm*50m,117roll/ctn, 25mm*50m,90roll/ctn, Special size of sterilization indicator tape can be produced upon request.
Properties: a. Lead Free Ink means no hazardous waste issues ;
b. Trusted, high quality adhesive ;
c. stretchable backing that minimizes tape "pop-off" during sterilization ;
d. can be written on or labeled with pre-printed labels;

  • Description
  • Precautions
product manual:
The instruction tape outside the package is also called process indicator equipment and is used to paste the outside of the package (or container) to be sterilized to fix the package and indicate whether the package (or container) has been sterilized To prevent mixing with non-sterilized packages (or containers).
Paste 5 ~ 6cm long chemical indicating tape on the mouth of the article (or container), at least 3 small parcels, at least 5 large parcels, which can be used for fixing and binding. If you do not need to be fixed and binding, the chemical instructions tape affixed to the obvious parts, play a role.
The result is judged:
Placed in a steam exhaust autoclave at 120 ° C for 20 minutes or placed in a pre-vacuum autoclave at 132 ° C for 3.5 minutes, and the indicator on the tape changed from light yellow to dark gray or black to determine whether the article (or Container) package has been sterilized, combined with the package chemical indicator to fully measure the sterilization process is accurate.
Scope of application:
Sterilization Chemical indicating tape can be adapted to a variety of sterilization methods used to fix the package or mark the package (or container) has been sterilized process
Storage conditions:
Stored in dark, room temperature 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ and 50% relative humidity, to avoid contact with corrosive gases.
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