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Name:Tyvek roll
Type: All Sizes are Available
Properties: 1. Roll and single bag design, cutting length according to need 

2. Three blast-proof design, effective antibacterial, more beautiful. Good tear, paperless clean open. 

3. Material strength, suitable for sharp content, heavy equipment, to avoid breaking bags and puncture bag. 

4. Good breathability, easy to gas sterilization, sterilization will not be incomplete or sterile residual gas package. 

5. Good waterproof, protect the content of equipment from the external environment. 

6. Long shelf life after sterilization (1073B & 1059B: 5 years; 2FS: 3 years)

  • Description
  • Precautions
Product material composition:
Tyvek® 1059B, 1073B, 2FS (complies with EN868-3, YYT 0698.3) + High-quality, easy-tear film forms a sterile barrier system (SBS). Tyvek® Plasma Sterile Tubes are emerging trends in low-temperature sterilization packaging such as hospitals and dental offices. Plasma sterilization residues safer, more suitable for high temperature sterilization supplies
Sterilization method:
After plasma sterilization (PLASMA) was completed, the plasma indicator changed from blue to red.
Scope of application:
Suitable for high-quality medical disposable supplies, such as ophthalmology, orthopedics, cardiology, anesthesiology, dental, ophthalmology, dentistry, laboratories and other high-end medical equipment.
Storage conditions:
Temperature 25 degrees ± 2 degrees ﹑ Relatively moderate (RH%) 50% ± 5%
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