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Name:Self-sealing sterilization pouch/packaging
Type: 57mm*130mm、70mm*260mm、90mm*165mm、90mm*260mm、135mm*280mm、190mm*360mm、200mm*320mm、200mm*360mm、230mm*395mm、305mm*430mm、400mm*535mm、500mm*630mm
Properties: made of medical paper +CPP/PET Film(blue/green/white) 
Handle of seal: self adhesive strip sealed 
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indicators for STEAM,ETO 
initial blue turns yellow(EO GAS Sterilization) 
initial pink turns brown(Steam Sterilization) 
Tianrun Sterile packaging pouch  is made of MG paper & Medical Composite Film by high temperature sealing. It's has been widely used as a quick and safe sterilization materials for medical instruments, dispossibles and accessories such as surgical scissors, dental examination,  medical catheter, etc. 
This pouch suitable for Steam & EO (ETO) sterilization, cause this medical film bear high temperature and paper is breathable for steam and EO gass which make sure sterilization available.

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