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Name:Infusion set pouch
Type: All Sizes are Available
Properties: Superior bacteriostasis, excellent breathability and tear strength
  • Description
  • Precautions

Product Material:
1. Medical dialysis paper + CPP / PET composite film;
2. 2FS Tyvek strong + PE / PET composite film;
3. Medical dialysis paper + high-quality easy to tear film.
Product Application:
Disposable venous blood collection needle, infusion needle, infusion set, infusion pump, anesthetic puncture bag and other medical packaging
Instructions for use:
1. First, please select the appropriate size of the product packaging, the sharp part should be done special treatment to avoid damage to packaging.
2. Select the appropriate sealing machine, and adjust the temperature, after the end of the seal, please do the appropriate mark, and then placed EO or gamma sterilization and other sterilization equipment.
3.Please peel the package according to the opening when using it.If the package is damaged, please stop using it.
4. This product is valid for 3-5 years.

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