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Name:Sterilization pouch
Type: All Sizes are Available
Properties: 1.60gsm / 70gsm medical high temperature dialysis paper / French Arojo paper + blue / green / white medical CPP / PET composite film --- suitable for ethylene oxide, steam sterilization
2.63gsm medical water-based adhesive tape + PET / PE white film --- suitable for ethylene oxide, gamma sterilization

  • Description
  • Precautions

Sterilization method:
EO disinfection and high-temperature steam disinfection, disinfection of the corresponding conversion of the logo color, sterilization state clear.
Scope of application:
It is suitable for the packaging of medical devices such as gloves, gauze, cotton balls, swabs, masks, catheters, surgical instruments, dental equipment and syringes. It is suitable for all medical device manufacturers and medical institutions to seal with a sealing machine.
Storage conditions:
It is recommended to store in a clean area with temperature below 25 ℃ and humidity below 60% after sterilization and use it within 6 months after sterilization.

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