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Name:Gusseted sterilization pouch
Type: All Sizes are Available
Properties: 1 Lin Mozhi: medical packaging paper and PE high temperature salivation synthesis, has good heat sealing and good sealing.
2 medical dialysis paper and high temperature glue box coating, good with good resistance to bacteria, permeability, bacterial barrier.
3 medical dialysis paper and water-based hot-melt coating, good with good resistance to bacteria, permeability, bacterial barrier, in full compliance with medical standards.
4 According to the different needs of users, according to the value of the package, using different grades of sterilization paper bag combination, according to customer needs can be divided into three-dimensional bag and pocket two bags of technology.
  • Description
  • Precautions
Sterilization method:
EO disinfection and high-temperature steam disinfection, disinfection of the corresponding conversion of the logo color, sterilization state clear.
Scope of application:
Applicable to a class of medical supplies, such as gauze, masks, PE gloves, disposable gloves, dressing, dressing, surgical membrane. Infusion paste and other packaging. Can also be used for disinfection of the hospital equipment.
Storage conditions:
It is recommended to store in a clean area with temperature below 25 ℃ and humidity below 60% after sterilization and use it within 6 months after sterilization.
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