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Experimental medical crepe paper bacteria resistance
Medical crepe paper is a kind of special crepe paper used for packaging medical equipment sterilization, disinfection by bacteria medium can pass, avoid the occurrence of cross contamination, and the use cost is reduced greatly. Medical crepe paper is the best packaging materials for 代布, also is the direction of development. Experiments were conducted according to the bacteria resistance, the introduction is as follows.
Materials and methods 1
1.1 materials were crepe paper packaging and double cloth pack packaging blade and stitching sewing kit, stitch scissors pack, puncture bag, sewing bag, each packet of 160, divided into 8 groups, 20 in each group. The bag was put 3M pressure steam sterilization chemical indicator card in package, 3M package for high pressure steam sterilization tape sealing, high pressure steam sterilization, 5 vacuum, 134 ℃, 4 min.
1.2 detection of bacteria after sterilization and storage equipment package respectively at different time of bacterial culture, each each test 15 bags of equipment (5 types of equipment of the 3 bags), pressure steam sterilization group detection period of sterilization after 15 d, 30 d, 90 d, 180 d, bacterial sampling and training methods in accordance with the Chinese People Republic of China Ministry of Health issued the "2002 edition of" technical standard for disinfection "hospital disinfection effect monitoring" the requirements of the.
The 1.3 outcome after sterilization equipment sterilization date are indicated, on the sterile storage storage, asepsis room temperature at 20 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity 50% ~ 70%. Medical crepe paper after sterilization, packaging intact circumstances, a certain period of time to detect the same batch of equipment maintain sterility, said packaging material in this period of reliable sterilization effect.
2 discussion
Medical packing material ideal need resistance bacteria effectively, ensure no bacterial contamination package aseptic equipment long time; at the same time, also requires packaging material has good permeability on the bactericidal factor, does not affect the bactericidal factor on the killing effect of bacteria within the package. Medical grade wrinkle paper because of the porous arrangement of special and unique barrier, the bacteria and other microorganisms effectively isolated, therefore can be preserved for a long time without pollution. This study shows that, the barrier function of crepe paper than cotton has better barrier bacteria; at the same time, corrugated packaging paper and soft, easy to use, safe Table 1 crepe paper packaging storage period of bacteria negative results of Table 2 cotton packing storage period of bacteria negative results
Conventional cotton as sterilization packaging materials, although can be repeated washing, ironing, easy to cause the hole sparse, and even the emergence of small eye is not easy to detect, which led to the isolated bacteria failed packaging. Therefore, aseptic package cloth packaging cotton retention period is only 7 d ~ 14 d. At the same time, repeated washing will make the cloth on the micro suede grains increased, micro suede particle is the spread of the bacteria in the air the migration tool, especially in the clinical operation, dressing process, micro suede grain after jitter in the air, can be directly over the wound, caused by iatrogenic infection. Medical green crepe paper solve the ills of the cloth bag, crepe paper on the micro floc is far less than the cotton bag on the floc, significantly reduced the spread of bacteria opportunity.
Medical crepe paper as sterilization packaging materials, combined with the medical crepe paper as the blade, take out stitches sterilization packaging materials testing shear, puncture bag, sewing bag 180th after sterilization, day still no bacterial growth. Medical crepe paper not only increases the effective storage time of sterilization items, and is disposable, in varying degrees to reduce the manpower, material resources, save resources for hospital, completely avoid the cloth wrapper recycling, cleaning, the unfavorable factors brought in to control the infection in hospital, and also played a certain role. Medical crepe paper and traditional cotton comparative advantages are as follows: ① asepsis long effective period; ② sterile resistance bacteria increased relatively; the effective guarantee of sterilization items. To sum up, medical crepe paper packaging with good sterilization and bacteria resistance, its packaging costs lower than cotton packing, it is worthy of popularization and application.
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