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Analysis of the medical packaging aluminum foil
Use aluminum foil material is very extensive, many experts and industry insiders, according to the characteristics of different, will he more than 20 varieties. However, different countries, due to different levels of economic development, consumption and application of aluminum also have a large gap.
In some developed countries, such as Europe and the United States in some countries, aluminum foil used for packing products account for 70% of the total. In some developing countries, such as China India market, aluminum foil is mainly used as industrial raw materials. Aluminum foil packaging for consumption accounted for the total domestic demand 30% percent. Although aluminum foil used for packaging development later, for medical packaging or even later, but the aluminum foil in the rapid development for the common packaging and medical packaging in recent years.
The development of aluminum foil production
Chinese and in 1932 started the production of aluminum foil, gets rapid development after the reform and opening up. Aluminum foil and the development of the 90's of the last century has entered a rapid development period. At that time, Chinese introduce a large amount of advanced equipment, and advanced production management technology. And at the same time, the level of technical development is also moving toward modernization and internationalization. At present China foil manufacturers have more than 100, equipped with modern 80 mill, the total annual production capacity of 500000 tons of aluminum foil. For aluminum foil packaging accounted for 100000 tons per year.
The development of aluminum foil packaging
Aluminum foil used for packaging began in early twentieth Century, when the aluminum foil packaging material is the most expensive, the aluminum foil is restricted only in the packaging field grade. Aluminum foil used in an important event packaging:
After a candy company 1 Swiss started foil made of aluminum foil packing for chocolate, since then, aluminum foil used for packing food began to pop up. 1911.
2 USA began production of aluminum in the aluminum and the aluminum foil, is limited to high-end merchandise, survival items, and chewing gum packaging, food packaging. 1913.
3 American R & D with aluminum plate, used for decoration, and advanced folding carton packaging. 1921.
4 aluminum foil heat sealing (1938)
When World War II, aluminum foil play the extreme in the use of military packaging materials. After World War II, aluminum foil packaging food application. Aluminium paper we applied in food and medical packaging aluminum with now, and in the material is in the last century 50's began to receive formal development. Because with colour printing technologies mature aluminum foil packaging, aluminum-plastic composite packaging in the 70's to enter the rapid popularization period.
Entered in twenty-first Century, the market competition and the trend of homogenization of products, stimulated the rapid development of product packaging. Global packaging market in 2002 has exceeded $550000000000. The development of aluminum foil packaging and the development of the whole industry, in Chinese market development faster, aluminum foil packaging, there are two main reasons: first, Chinese flexible packaging market development disparity with the developed country obviously, soft packaging of consumer goods and food accounts for the proportion of small, developed countries accounted for more than 65%, some have more than 70% however, Chinese accounted for about 15%, a rapid increase in the proportion of second, nearly two years; domestic aluminum composite, aluminum composite paper technology continues to mature, reduce the production cost, promote the popularization and application of aluminum matrix composites in Chinese packaging market. Aluminum foil in the application of medical packaging has also obtained the fast development.
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