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3 years to investigate and deal with violations of the

Ministry of Commerce recently, officials said the plastic limit to expand the scope of hospital, restaurant, public places. Reporters yesterday learned that investigation, some hospitals have begun to use plastic bags, but the usage is still not reduced in the restaurant, the market of plastic bags.

According to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, 3 years to investigate and deal with violations of the "plastic limit" (including 749 cases with free or in disguised form to the consumer to provide free plastic shopping bags in 535 cases, sales do not meet the relevant national standards for plastic shopping bags in 129 cases, without provisions for license and failing to set up a sales ledger in 85 cases), worth about $150000, seized unqualified plastic bag 333100.

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In the second municipal hospital, the hospital charge bag (for loading bulk tablets) have been changed into paper bags, hospital relevant responsible person said, this can reduce the use of plastic bags, also to avoid the whole paper not damp shortcomings, but limited to "implementation details of the limit of plastic bags" not out, if installed the medicine bag "bulk drugs may also be charged plastic limit", will be difficult. "The doctor varieties, a kind of medicine is a medicine bag, will significantly increase the cost of the patient." The hospital of traditional Chinese medicine bag there is no change initiatives, the hospital is on the plastic limit measures.
In addition the reporter saw in the Oriental bookstores, the frequency of use of plastic bags are still very high. "In the public view, with a line bundle without the convenience of plastic bags." A sales staff said.
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